Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bush gives honest take on faking injuries

The NFL sent out warnings to teams Wednesday about the consequences of being found guilty of faking injuries – revocation of draft picks, fines and suspensions would be in order.

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush seemed to know exactly what good ol’ Commish was talking about.

“I’ve seen that before. We actually had that before in New Orleans,” Bush said during his Wednesday press conference. “ It’s just, I don’t know, It’s just one of those things that I guess when you get those hurry-up offensive teams. It’s legal. They haven’t made any rules yet to say it’s not legal.”

Over the past two days, players and coaches all over the league have been hounded with questions about the play-dead desperation method, which was highlighted when Giants safety Deon Grant took a pathetic-looking flop during a hurry-up campaign by the St. Louis Rams Monday night.

Most weren’t quite as candid as Bush when responding. Many, including Dolphins coach Tony Sparano, just played dumb to the question.

Fortunately, we have guys like Bush who are willing to provide a little equilibrium. He even explained the art of having a lay-down guy and whether or not it’s easy thing to spot.

“Well, you can tell when two guys just all of a sudden fall down on the ground at the same time,” Bush said. “But for the most part you’re supposed to have a designated guy for that. It’s not supposed to be just four or five people fall on the ground and at the same time. It obviously looks real bush league.”

Who gets the nod to drop when the going gets tough, Reggie?

“It’s usually not the captain of the team,” Bush said. “It’s usually a guy who I guess is expendable.”

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