Monday, September 5, 2011

Henne needs to get better in 4th quarter

If Chad Henne wants to be in the Miami Dolphins’ future, he needs to perform better in the fourth quarter.

Eight of Henne’s 19 interceptions in 2010 came in the final stanza, and four were when the team was down by seven points in the fourth quarter. His decision-making plummets when the team needs him to rally.

With that said, Henne comes out of halftime very well. He threw for four touchdowns and no picks in the third quarter last year, his completion percentage was 63.2, and his quarterback rating 95.6 in the third quarter, compared to his 55.6 rating in the fourth.

Henne will have the luxury of more opportunities downfield this season, as he completed seven passes for 20 yards or more this preseason alone. Time will tell if a larger amount of deeper throws will help or hurt his touchdown-to-interception ratio. He’ll also have a great checkdown option in Reggie Bush.