Friday, September 30, 2011

Jackson coming up big in 2nd half for Bills

Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson has rushed for 5.4 yards a carry in the first half of games this year, which is really good.

His second-half numbers are even better.

Jackson gains ground at 7.7 yards a clip in the second half and has scored all three of his touchdowns after the break – one in the third quarter and two in the fourth. The 30-year-old, fifth-year tailback has also picked up eight first downs in the second half to five in the first.

The Bills have had to overcome deficits of 18 and 21 points, respectively, over the last two games, but Buffalo is still confident in sticking with the run to gain momentum, even when its facing an uphill battle.

“Really the run is sometimes that’s what has gotten us going, just in terms of Fred (Jackson) having one of those big runs,” Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said. “That’s been important to us. Not giving up on it, staying with it, getting some of those plus-10, plus-15 yard runs that have really sparked our offense.”

Though two of Jackson’s three scores were in the fourth quarter, he makes his biggest gains coming out of halftime. His longest run of 43 yards was in the third quarter, and he’s gained 151 yards on 13 third-quarter rushing attempts, which is good for an 11.6 yards-per-carry average.

Jackson’s production has been consistent with Fitzpatrick, as both players’ numbers shoot up after the mid-game break.

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