Friday, September 30, 2011

Taylor on Phins' woes: It's been the big plays

Jason Taylor can sum up the Miami Dolphins’ struggles on defense in two words: “Big plays…”

“If I had to pick one thing that’s really hurting, and kind of been our Achilles heel so to speak, has been the big plays,” The veteran linebacker told reporters Thursday.

The Dolphins have given up 14 passing plays for 20 yards or more and three 40-plus-yard plays through the air, ranking them fourth-worst and tied for second-worst, respectively.

Miami surrendered the longest offensive play of the season so far, as well, in Wes Welker’s 99-yard touchdown reception from Tom Brady. Miami’s eight passing touchdowns given up ties the Dolphins for the most this year.

“You can look at the penalties a little bit, the turnovers and things like that, and those things are going to happen over the course of the game,” Taylor said. “Some are aggressive penalties that you can live with; some are obviously non-aggressive, pre-snap penalties. Things like that can hurt you. But the big plays; you can’t give up big plays in this league. And you have to create more as a team.”

The Dolphins have created some of their own on offense, though, as the team’s 16 20-plus-yard passing plays ties them for third-most in the league.

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