Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Levitre: 'More space to cover' playing tackle

Buffalo Bills left guard Andy Levitre is working at left tackle this week in practice in preparation for his expected start on the exterior, filling in for injured tackle Demetrius Bell.

“More space to cover,” Levitre told the Buffalo media Wednesday of his moving to tackle from guard. “You have to be a little more patient. At guard, you get on guys right now. Tackle you have to be a little more patient and guys have a lot more ground to cover – lot more space to work in between so there’s some difference there.”

Levitre finished the Bills’ last game, a Week 6 loss to the New York Giants, at left tackle and started at tackle every game during his junior and senior years at Oregon State.

“It’s football, so it’s not like I’ve never played football before and I have some experience,” Levitre said. “I’ve been at that position in the past. It’s obviously a little different in college, the talent level goes way up so I definitely have my work cut out for me this week.”

With Levitre at tackle, Chad Rinehart will start at guard.

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