Saturday, October 22, 2011

Simms: 'Outrage against Jets QB is overdone'


CBS football analyst Phil Simms met with reporter Eric Allen this week for the site’s “Four Quarters” video segment.

Simms has been a Mark Sanchez defender since he joined the NFL as a rookie in 2009. New York hasn’t put up huge numbers on offense this year, and fans and ‘experts’ alike are questioning whether or not Sanchez is holding back the offense.

The former New York Giants signal-caller doesn’t think so. And he can’t understand why anyone does.

“I understand their offense, I understand his job, and I am definitely not one of those that’s going, ‘Oh, it’s the quarterback,’” Simms told Allen. “I think the outrage against Mark Sanchez a little overdone. And the last couple weeks I think he has played really solid, error-free, almost perfect football. But, for some reason, that’s not good enough for most people."

Sanchez has thrown three touchdown passes and no interceptions the last two weeks. He also scored once on the ground.

“When I look at Mark Sanchez, I’m gonna do it again this week and label him for the 10th time for everybody, but nobody listens: He is a very good quick-rhythm thrower. The three-step game. Very good. Why? Because he has a great, not a good, he has a great drop," Simms said. "So that helps him. He has big hands, long arms. That makes him a good over-the-top, short thrower.

“He’s one of the top-5 ball-fakers in the NFL, so that makes him a pretty good play-action quarterback. Throws well on the run and can move in the pocket behind the tackles well enough. To me that’s what he is.”

Simms went on to explain that the Jets’ system doesn’t accommodate big numbers, and it’s not because the personnel isn’t capable, but because New York doesn't constantly play up-tempo.

“It’s the pace of the game that the Jets are built to play,” Simms said. “Its not ‘no-huddle, lets go fast.’ There’s a pace to it, and it serves them well.”

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