Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stats prove Johnson is an every-quarter WR

Stevie Johnson is an every-quarter wide receiver.

Some players thrive out of the gate, and some are better at the end of games. Quarterbacks tend to have their go-to guys depending on situations, and the time-of-game is no exception.

Johnson, however, has no internal clock. He’s pretty much the same all game.

Johnson has four touchdowns this season – one in each quarter. He’s made nine receptions in the first quarter, nine in the second, eight in the third and seven in the fourth.

And while his bigger receptions have come in the first half, a large chunk of his first-down receptions are in the third quarter, where 87.5 percent of his catches are chain-movers.

Still confident in getting groin to 100 percent

Johnson hopes that the bye week will give him a chance to finally get to 100 percent health-wise, as he’s been battling an aggravated groin since Week 1.

“For the most part as health goes I’m 90-percent. I’m good,” Johnson told reporters Monday.

“I think I can get back to 100 percent,” he added. “You just never know with that type of injury. I came back and felt like I was 100 percent and then it came back in Week 1. I guess just to be safe I’ll say 90 percent.”

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