Monday, October 3, 2011

Telling numbers from Jets' primetime stinker

Here’s a look at some, to say the least, alarming numbers from the stinker the New York Jets' offense put up against the Baltimore Ravens Sunday night, mostly due to the awful play of its patchwork offensive line:

Three turnovers for touchdowns: The Jets left Ed Reed, the best safety in the NFL, completely unblocked on their opening offensive play, which led to a strip sack that was returned for a score. The Ravens brought back another recovered Sanchez fumble for a score, and Sanchez threw a pick-6 when the Jets were in scoring position and just about to get back into the game. New York had five total fumbles and lost three of them.

4-for-15 (26 percent) on third down: Sanchez was under duress literally the entire game. With absolutely no time to get settled in the pocket, he threw incompletion after incompletion – at least when he wasn’t turning the ball over. Putting the Jets in bad third-and-long situations allowed the Ravens’ defense to continue its blitzkrieg on the Jets’ so-called “pass protectors.”

150 total net yards on offense: New York averaged 2.7 yards a play on 56 plays – amassing 112 yards through the air and 38 on the ground. The Jets’ offense was so deplorable that it is truly difficult to put into words. Running back Shonn Greene was ineffective, again, with 23 yards on 10 rushing attempts.

22:32 time of possession: You can’t score without the ball… Well, unless you’re the Ravens’ defense. To be fair, though, a solid performance by New York’s defense was overshadowed by the anemic offensive showing, especially considering the Jets’ defense was on the field for nearly two-thirds of the game. Linebacker David Harris had a pick-6, and the Jets forced three fumbles, two of which were recovered.

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