Thursday, October 27, 2011

Toronto 'part of deal', Bills 'just roll with it'

The 2011 version of the Buffalo Bills’ annual “home game” in Toronto will take place Sunday against the Washington Redskins, and not every Bill is necessarily thrilled about playing at Rogers Centre.

And why would they be? Buffalo hasn’t won a game there since the “Toronto Series” began in 2008.

Not only does the game north of the border take Buffalo out of the always-ambitious Ralph Wilson Stadium for a Sunday, but it serves as more of a neutral site than an away-from-home home game.

“The fan support in Toronto is night and day difference than what we have in Buffalo, for the most part it’s a show,” safety George Wilson told reporters Wednesday. “You see just as many jerseys for the opposing teams as you do for the Bills. They cheer for any big play regardless whichever team makes it so we have to do a great job of making sure we’re the ones making these big plays so they’re cheering for us as opposed to the Redskins.”

Coming off their bye week, the Bills are 3-0 at home this season.

“We really enjoy playing here (Ralph Wilson Stadium) and there is a huge advantage to playing here with the noise, with the crowd, with the momentum that we get and it definitely doesn’t carry over as much when we go to Toronto,” Fitzpatrick said. “... It’s part of the deal, it’s part of what we have to do every year. We just roll with it.”

Buffalo lost to the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets and Chicago Bears in Toronto in 2008, 2009 and 2010, respectively.

The Toronto Series runs through 2012.

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