Sunday, October 16, 2011

Webster's redeeming pick crucial in NYG win

New York Giants cornerback Corey Webster got beat by Buffalo Bills wideout Stevie Johnson on a game-tying touchdown pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick midway through the fourth quarter.

Webster got redemption.

The veteran corner made his second interception of the afternoon, and maybe the game-winning play, on a similar pass-and-catch attempt by Fitzpatrick to Johnson less than five minutes later.

New York went on to win, 27-24.

“Well I wanted to remember the route,” Webster said about the touchdown play when addressing reporters after the game. “We are going to take something from those bad plays; you have to learn something from it.

“… I took what I needed to take from that play and ultimately tried to correct what I did wrong or try to make it better. … We had an opportunity to see that play again and make a play on the ball.”

Webster said the Giants knew where the ball was going based on what the defense had seen earlier in the game.

“They ran it a couple of times,” he said. “They were working on the back side, three by one, read a slant, back shoulder fade, so we got that a couple of times so we were aware of it.”

Webster also intercepted Fitzpatrick during the third quarter.

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