Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dolphins only 2nd-worst in sacks given up

The Miami Dolphins aren’t the worst team in the league in giving up sacks. They’re second-worst.

And not just second-worst, but tied for second-worst. That’s a positive, right?

Miami has given up 27 sacks in seven games this season, one fewer than the Seattle Seahawks’ league-worst total. The St. Louis Rams have also let their quarterback get taken down 27 times.

“The sacks hurt,” Dolphins coach Tony Sparano told the Miami media Thursday. “… it isn’t all the offensive line by any stretch of the imagination. There is a lot of elements that go into sacking the quarterback. But all that being said they’re minus plays.

“… from a statistical standpoint if you look the way they gauge minus plays in this league there’s sacks, there’s penalties, there’s minus runs and there’s turnovers and that’s a league statistic. Well I would urge you to find out what the Miami Dolphins are from a minus play standpoint right now. I believe we’re about fifth in the league.”

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