Saturday, November 26, 2011

Individual game plans key to Pats' D success

When a defense doesn't have an identity, it's usually a bad thing.

For the New England Patriots' defense, lacking identity is what helps them win games.

The Patriots are last in the league in totals yards and passing yards allowed, yet they're in the top-third in fewest points-against. While New England's defense has the luxury of playing opposite a really good offense, the unit has done its part in making timely turnovers and critical stops.

Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg credited the Patriots' versatility in gameplanning as a key to their success.

"They’re just an opportunistic type defense. They’re a specific individual game plan defense," Mornhinweg told the Philadelphia media Thursday. "Meaning that every team they play, they’re going to do whatever they think it will take to win the game. They’ll have a little different plan, sometimes a much different plan."

Mornhinweg expects the Patriots to be well-prepared Sunday against his Eagles' offense, noting that they have been known to give completely new looks from game to game.

"You may see some things they haven’t done all season. Then the difference between them and other teams that do this is they play it very well," he said. "Something they haven’t done all season, they’ll play it very well during the ballgame. Both the coaches and the players are in tune and they expect to play well when they’re doing those things. So it’s very individual specific for that team."

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