Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jenkins talks Jets with Boomer & Carton

Retired defensive tackle Kris Jenkins joined WFAN's Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton Thursday morning to discuss the New York Jets. While he wore a Jets shirt in gratitude for the fact that the organization is still paying him due to the new CBA agreement, he was just as candid as ever:

Here are some interesting quotes from the show:

On quarterback Mark Sanchez: "Sanchez puts the work in. I'll say that. He is a true quarterback, and he's going to put the work in. I just don't think that they allow him to be a man. I think it's unfortunate..."

On offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer: "He's trying to do to much. Some coaches, they want to be known for being innovative and doing something new, and bring something wonderfully magic to the game. And it's cool, but sometimes you just gotta get back to the basics, and the X's and O's, and playing to the strength of your players.

"They never go to a true spread offense and let this guy air it out... If they want this guy to throw and be able to do anything Brady-style then they've gotta put him in the shotgun, and at least stretch the pocket.."

On Plaxico Burress' shooting incident in club in 2008: "First of all, if you gotta take a gun to a club, why are you at that club? That's the first thing. Second of all, how many millionaire thugs do you know that aren't drug dealers? You can't be gangster and a millionaire. If you're a legal millionaire, then you're not a gangster anymore. Let it go...

On if he's happy to see Burress succeed now: "I believe that everybody deserves a second chance, and that's what New York was for me. It was my second chance, because after the issues I went through with Carolina... I had the opportunity to show everybody that 'I'm not that much of an idiot.' ..."

On concerns Bills' offense presents: One, I'm worried about the run game with Fred Jackson and them setting the edge. Because they do a spread offense, so you notice that lateral run game. They're going to wait for the times to exploit the weaknesses, exploit the gaps of the defense, and then they're going to let this guy take off...

"Second thing is (Ryan) Fitzpatrick... If you look at the stats from receivers, outside of the top three guys, the bottom guys still have double-digit catches, so he's spreading it around... (Darrelle) Revis is locking down who he's locking down, Cro (Antonio Cromartie), if Cro shows up, he's doing a heck of a job, but everybody else is struggling coverage. So right now they have a complete offense over there in Buffalo and they're gonna be going at 'em."

Jenkins, however, predicted the Jets win.

On general manager Mike Tannenbaum: "I think he's a wonderful businessman, I just don't think he really understands football like that yet."

On Jets' mentality this season: "If you piss them off they do great. If they start feeling themselves, they don't."

Jenkins went on to explain that the Jets defeated the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots in the postseason last year because they played with a chip on their shoulder, but they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC championship game because they had already beaten the Steelers near the end of the regular season.

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