Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jets preparing for incredibly short week

The New York Jets have quite the two-game series coming up.

The Jets (5-3) host the New England Patriots (5-3) Sunday night in the biggest AFC East bout to date this season. New York then has to travel to Denver in the middle of the week to take on the Broncos next Thursday night.

Despite the incredibly short week between the night game and hitting the road three days later, New York is not looking ahead. The Jets have a chance to take the outright lead in the division and hand the Patriots their third straight loss of the season.

“Our preparation for New England is not going to be effected by anything as far as a short week with Denver, no ever, that will be on top,” Jets coach Rex Ryan told the media Monday. “New England is getting 100 percent of our attention right now.”

The Jets will still be doing some behind-the-scenes advance work for Denver, though.

“We’ll definitely do it,” Ryan said. “During the week it will be really put on the coaches, the assistant coaches, the position coaches to make sure they have all the paperwork done, the advance will be done and you just go from there. “

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