Monday, November 28, 2011

Bills' Johnson says he needed superhuman instincts to catch critical drop vs. Jets

Posted by Nick St. Denis

When Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick hit Stevie Johnson in the hands, in stride as the Bills were trying to make a last-minute comeback Sunday in a loss to the Jets, the incompletion counted as a drop.

Johnson, however, wasn't "hurt" by the drop, because according to him, it wasn't his fault.

"When I beat the safety, as a wide receiver not seeing the quarterback, you expect certain types of balls," Johnson told the media Monday. "Say you’re over top of me I would expect the ball like that and turn around and try to body that but how I beat him I would assume the ball would be a little more down the field.

"Right when I turned around if I had superhuman instincts I would have made the play and I didn’t. At the end of the day it is a drop. I just wish I had turned faster."

So basically, Fitzpatrick was to blame.

We'll see how many Bills fans buy that one.

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