Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Revis a nickel back when facing Patriots

Darrelle Revis is locked on opposing teams’ No. 1 wideouts week in and week out, which has him playing on the perimeter for most of the game.

But when the New York Jets face the New England Patriots twice a year, Revis has to move into the slot, as the Patriots’ best receiver – Wes Welker – lines up on the inside.

Most corners in the NFL have their designated side of the field, or at least stick to a certain style of play. With the Jets, everyone does everything.

“For us, I can't speak for every team, but for us we feel that we have a lot of depth back there in the secondary and guys can play multiple positions,” Revis told the New England media Wednesday via conference call. “In our defense, guys move around a lot. I know the slot position as well as playing corner.

"Kyle Wilson knows the same thing - he has to know the outside corner spot as well as he knows him playing nickel back. We just have versatile guys that we can move in and out of places and do different jobs."

Revis said his approach doesn’t change when moving from the outside to the inside, and he'll certainly stick to his in-your-face game when the Jets host the Patriots Sunday night.

“I try to be as aggressive as I do out when I'm playing corner. To me it really doesn't change,” Revis said. “I think the only thing with that position playing in the slot is a lot of things in there are moving a little bit faster than when you're playing outside cornerback. It's a lot of things moving.

"You have to focus in on the linemen sometimes and what they're doing and how close you are and how close the slot receiver is to the core. A lot of things when you're inside as the nickel back, it moves a little bit faster than you are playing outside corner.”

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