Thursday, November 10, 2011

Taylor: 2010 Jets 'had more swagger than anybody in history'

During his meeting with reporters Thursday, Jason Taylor was asked if he was worried his Miami Dolphins team was overconfident after a 31-3 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Taylor laughed. And with good reason. The Dolphins are still 1-7, and no lopsided win can correct a season that started with a losing streak that went over half a dozen games.

Still, Taylor, who was a New York Jet last season, emphasized the importance of players having confidence in themselves.

“I played on a team last year that had more swagger than anybody in history,” Taylor said of the 2010 Jets, who reached their second AFC Championship game in as many years. “And while we lost some games, we were still very confident. So, I’d rather you be overconfident than lack confidence.”

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