Friday, November 18, 2011

Taylor poised to move up all-time sack list

Jason Taylor is two quarterback-takedowns from tying John Randle and Richard Dent on the all-time sack list at 137.5. That would put him tied for sixth all-time and four behind Michael Strahan.

The Miami Dolphins' veteran linebacker is also approaching the 140-sack milestone.

“I know it sounds crazy but I don’t know where I stand on the list. I know I’m up there somewhere in there,” Taylor told Miami reporters Thursday. “... I’m just kind of keep your head down and at the end of the year you count wins and you go back and count your individual stuff. If it happens great because it will probably help us win more games.”

Bruce Smith’s 200 sacks top the all-time list, followed by Reggie White (198), Kevin Greene (160), and Chris Doleman (150.5).

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