Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holmes to Hall: 'We know who our quarterback is'

By Nick St. Denis

Washington Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall told reporters Wednesday that Mark Sanchez has been "confused" this season, locking on to recievers and expecting them to get after the ball and make plays.

New York Jets receiver Santonio Holmes, however doesn't feel the same way. When asked Thursday about Hall's comments, the veteran wideout defended Sanchez.

While Holmes credited Hall as being a "pretty good defensive back" who has "made a lot of plays" and been to the Pro Bowl, he was quick to point out what Hall doesn't do.

"He doesn't play quarterback, he doesn't know how receivers run routes," Holmes told reporters. "My comment to that is, he made (the comments) he made, but we know who our quarterback is."

The Redskins (4-7) host the Jets (6-5) Sunday.

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