Monday, March 5, 2012

Fitzpatrick holds up his end of deal with WR Johnson


Stevie Johnson and Ryan Fitzpatrick had a deal if Johnson signed a deal. Johnson signed a deal, so Fitzpatrick finished the deal.

Johnson, the Bills' No. 1 wide receiver, asked Fitzpatrick, the Bills' starting quarterback, to sport a certain hair style if Johnson signed a new contract with Buffalo.

"If (you) get a Mohawk mullet with the beard and a design on the left sign I'll sign TODAY!" Johnson texted Fitzpatrick Friday. "If you don't think about everyone in the billsmafia you'll be letting down... The ball is in your court! Don't be selfish."

So, Fitzpatrick agreed to do it, even if the arrangement didn't go exactly as planned. Johnson signed a five-year deal Monday, and Fitzpatrick held up his end with the haircut.

Johnson posted a photo of the new hairdo and his texting conversation with Fitzpatrick regarding said hairdo on his Twitter (right).

"I’m a man of my word," Fitzpatrick told the media Monday. "Stevie and I have been talking a lot, especially the last few days about everything, and that just happened to be in one of our conversations. I followed through on that.

"It’s probably not the look I’ll go into the season with or the look that you’ll see me with in a few weeks but it’s in good fun and I’m certainly happy to have him back."

The Bills and their fans have to be happy with their signal-caller-to-receiver relationship, as the organization expects both players to lead the way for the offense over the next few years. Fitzpatrick signed a six-year extension last season, and Johnson is now on the books for five years.

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