Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bills' QB coach looks to improve Fitz's footwork


Bills quarterbacks coach David Lee has Ryan Fitzpatrick's 2011 mistakes pinned down to one thing: footwork.

According to, Lee recently put together a video cut-up of a bunch of the Bills signal-caller's poor passes from a year ago. Lee went over the film with Fitzpatrick.

"I would show him why the ball went behind the receiver because of where his positioning was with his feet," Lee said. "He either had to believe me and be convinced or not. He chose to and because of that he’ll get better.”

Fitzpatrick started the season strongly but threw 16 interceptions to 10 touchdowns over the last nine weeks, including nine picks and just four touchdowns in his last four games.

“He’s all about the lower half,” Fitzpatrick said of Lee, according to the team's website. “The footwork, making sure you’re not getting your feet in the way of your hips when you’re throwing the ball. That’s something we’ve worked on a lot because I have an issue with balls I’m throwing to my left, just making sure everything is open so I’m not closing my hips off and can’t fire with balls dying.

"There are a lot of things that we have been looking at after he made a bunch of clips from last year of specific throws that I’ve struggled with.”

Fitzpatrick faces a pretty pivotal season, as the former seventh-round pick needs to prove he can maintain a high level of play into the winter and take the Bills to the next level. He's shown flashes, but at 29 years old, time is of the essence.

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