Monday, August 6, 2012

Fitz likens being Bills' starting QB to 'The Bachelor'


To Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, being the starting signal-caller in a training camp full of competition among the receivers is like being a contestant on "The Bachelor."

"It’s like you’re dating all these different guys and you are trying to form these relationships on the field with these guys trying to get their moves down, trying to get my points across of where I want them to be," Fitzpatrick told 550 WGR radio. "It’s hard when you have that many guys that run the routes that many different ways.

"A lot of times I have to give them an expectation of where they need to be at particular times in their route.”

Johnson, who Fitzpatrick said he would have given his "first impression rose" to, is Buffalo's clear-cut No. 1 wideout, but veteran and young players alike are battling for the remainder of the positions on the Bills' depth chart.

“... as quarterback when you are ‘The Bachelor’ all of a sudden you have those 25 girls and those 25 girls are almost forced to like you," Fitzpatrick said. "They have to try to be friendly with you. That’s how my receivers are too. I don’t know if they really like me or not, but they have to act like it.

"They are trying to win me over. We have a lot of fun with that group though.”

Rookie speedster T.J. Graham is trying to earn his wings alongside returning Bills Donald Jones, David Nelson, Marcus Easley and Derek Hagan.

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