Thursday, August 2, 2012

Offense-minded Philbin mildly involved with Fins' D

Photo: TR Roberts, Flickr 

Dolphins new head coach Joe Philbin is an offensive guy.

He coached offensive line for a handful of different college teams from 1986 to 2002 and led the Packers' offensive line for a half decade after that before serving as offensive coordinator his last five years in Green Bay.

But as a first-year head coach in Miami, Philbin will need to learn to be involved in every corner of his team.

And he has a pretty good idea of what the focus should be on defense.

"To the degree that I want us to be a great tackling defense, a defense with great pursuit and can get after the ball and get after the quarterback, yes I’m going to be very involved," Philbin told Dolphin Digest Editor Andy Cohen this week.

Philbin, however, is trusting his defense-savvy coaches to take care of the "nuts and bolts."

"Am I going to be asking the defensive tackle to step six inches over with his right foot? Probably not," Philbin said. "From a fundamental standpoint and concept, yes. But from nuts and bolts standpoint, no."

With a complete installation of his offense and a quarterback battle that includes a rookie top-10 draft pick in the works, Philbin has enough to worry about on that side of the ball.

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