Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rex: 'It's impossible not to respect Brandon Moore'


Brandon Moore is quietly the best right guard in football. Fortunately for him, his coach isn't quiet about it.

Moore, who has given up the lowest ratio of quarterback pressures per passing play of any guard in the NFL over the past three years, according to Pro Football Focus, was elected to the Pro Bowl last season for the first time in his 10-year career. He's entering his 11th season with the New York Jets.

"It's impossible not to respect Brandon Moore," Jets coach Rex Ryan told the media Wednesday. "Obviously you respect good players, but with him, this is a self-made player.

"He wasn’t touched with the greatest God-given ability. In fact, he came in as a defensive lineman, moved over to the offensive line. Here is a guy who has developed, 600-pound bench press, his work ethic is phenomenal. He's as tough as nails, he really is.

"He is smart, tough, dependable, durable and all of that. Yet he still, and ever since I got here I have said he is the best guard in football, the best right guard in football, and really nobody listened until the stats come out."

Rex noted Moore's stellar pass-protection numbers, but he also made sure to give Moore a plug for his work in the Jets' ground game.

"...and oh, by the way, he's one of the premier run blockers in the game," Ryan said.

His services will be of great use to the Jets' offense, as it will rely heavily on the run game under new offensive coordinator and offensive line guru Tony Sparano.

Moore has been a staple on the Jets' offensive line for a decade. He's an ironman in the injury department, and his lead-by-example mentality has earned him great respect from his peers.

"He is not a real talker. He is not one of those guys," Ryan, a true talker, said. "He is just a tremendous football player and he has got that natural leadership. There is not one person in that locker room that doesn’t respect Brandon."

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