Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rex Ryan on making Jets run laps: 'I'd seen enough'

Photo: Nick St. Denis 

After the New York Jets' highly-publicized "brawl" Monday, coach Rex Ryan reminded his team to take care of one another.

So when the team had two small scuffles Tuesday despite his warning, Ryan had enough.

Ryan stopped practice and made the team run disciplinary laps, marking the first time he had ever done so with any team.

"When I saw the situation where that was exactly what I was talking about, how that isn’t taking care of one another, I'd seen enough and I just ran them," Ryan told the media after practice.

Rookie linebacker Demario Davis and rookie running back Terrance Ganaway went at it first.

"In that case, I saw a rookie run through a guy. It's a thud period, you thud off a guy," Ryan said. "He tried to run through a guy and that is not what you're looking for. That's not being physical. That to me is being selfish.

"I told the guys about it, and sure enough, apparently somebody never got the message," Ryan said of a  confrontation between veterans tight end Dustin Keller and cornerback Antonio Cromartie, "and I just felt that it was best to control the situation, which we did."

Jets safety Eric Smith thinks his team got the message.

"I bet we don't have (a fight) tomorrow," he said, according to NFL.com.

The Jets aren't much different than any other team in terms of having multiple summer scuffles between teammates. However, with the extensive attention Gang Green is getting this offseason combined with its supposed rebuilding of team chemistry, intrasquad drama is the last thing they need.

New York is slated to face the Cincinnati Bengals Friday in the teams' first preseason game.

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