Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sanchez eager to form in-game routine with Sparano

Photo: Marianne O'Leary, Flickr 

For the first time in Mark Sanchez's NFL career, he'll have a different voice in his ear on game day.

Preseason action can't come soon enough for the fourth-year New York Jets quarterback, as Sanchez is very anxious to tune up his line of communication with new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano.

"It’s going to be fun for us to get going and see what a real game is like with Coach Sparano," Sanchez told the media Wednesday. "How he will handle the headset, where he’s going to be standing, where I go after guys, exactly where we sit down, those little things. You develop your routine and we’ll all know that by the end of this game."

Sanchez said the pair had a "good dress rehearsal" during the team's annual Green and White Scrimmage, adding that he's getting a good feel for Sparano's speed in calling plays and "where he pauses in the calls."

"You start to pick up on that quickly, and what reminders and tips he gives you in the headset, and sometimes that’s good," Sanchez said. "You love it when the coordinator is in your ear reminding you stuff. Then you relay it to the guys.

"He’ll just tell you, 'Hey, tighten up these splits now, we’re in four-minute offense,' or 'Hey, we’re on the goal line now, don’t forget this is a bullets team.' It’s just a reminder to say, 'Hey, guys, we’re on the goal line, this is our cadence, this is what we’re doing.' So it comes right through from the coach to me to the players."

Sparano said he's interested to learn the difference between the players' interactions with one another in a game situation as opposed to practice.

"One of the things I learned as a head coach is when you’re watching a bunch of personalities out there, you’re watching 80 or 90 guys and your coaches," Sparano said. "And quite honestly, whether they’re offense or defense, from my end, I’m just curious to watch the whole interaction, in other words, and see if all of a sudden the players that I’ve seen in practice show up in the game or they turn into something different.

"Sometimes that happens and I want to know that. I need to know that right away, so we’ll pay close attention to that in the game and our players know that."

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