Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jets rookie receiver Hill has sick day on and off field


Stephen Hill had a bad day on the sidelines Sunday but a historically-great day on the field.

Hill amassed 89 yards receiving and caught two touchdown passes in the New York Jets' blowout victory over the Buffalo Bills. Both were franchise records for players in their Jets debuts.

He also threw up a little.

"...he wasn’t feeling good," Jets coach Rex Ryan told the media Monday. "He actually got sick a couple of times on the sideline. He showed that toughness that we knew he had. That’s kind of what we’ve been seeing all through the minicamps, is that he’s ahead of where most rookie receivers are.

"The way he runs routes, I think (receivers coach) Sanjay Lal has done a great job with him, as well. It was funny, we said if we draft this player, Sanjay said, 'He will be ready for Buffalo.' After he caught the two touchdowns, he told (general manager) Mike Tannenbaum, 'Told you he’d be ready for Buffalo.'"

Hill was just the fifth player in the last 25 years to catch two touchdown passes in his first NFL game, according to Kimberly A. Martin of Newsday.

"That’s an interesting stat because it does show you that it is tough to come in this league as a rookie receiver. I just look at the fact that Jerry Rice was a backup receiver. Some position coach was probably like, 'Who is this guy?' because Jerry Rice wasn’t bad. It is tough in this league to come in, the speed, the coverages, the techniques are tough. It is impressive that he was able to have that kind of day."

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