Friday, October 19, 2012

Fitzpatrick doesn't blame inaccuracy on mechanics


Ryan Fitzpatrick spent countless hours with Buffalo Bills quarterbacks coach David Lee this offseason working on his mechanics, which Fitzpatrick admits aren't pretty.

But despite Buffalo's quick-strike offense that doesn't require a lot of route development and downfield throwing, Fitzpatrick's completion percentage is a mediocre 57.9. Also, he has connected on just five of 20 attempts of 20 yards or more, according to Pro Football Focus.

Wednesday, Fitzpatrick said he doesn't think his accuracy issues can be attributed to bad habits or poor mechanics.

"A lot of being a quarterback is about decision making and timing," Fitzpatrick told reporters. "Those are the biggest things in being effective as a quarterback. In terms of the flaws, my mechanics and those types of things, those are something that is always going to be there especially with my throwing motion.

"The footwork was something we really focused on, but I have not started the way that I wanted to start and unfortunately it has been multiple games. Not just one bad game here or there. It is something that I have to evaluate."

As for the long passes, Fitzpatrick said getting the ball downfield is "really important" and that he'd like to take advantage of rookie receiver T.J. Graham's speed.

"It is something that has not happened a lot, but we have to go into a game where we have a certain amount of shots that we go into every game with," he said. "Sometimes you get them, sometimes you do not in terms of the coverages and being able to throw them.

"When I do make those throws I have to be able to hit them."

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