Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blitz was difference-maker for Dolphins' D vs. Jets


Two weeks ago against the New England Patriots, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez connected on 68.3 percent of his passes and amassed 328 yards in a tight overtime loss. He was dropping in perfectly-placed footballs to receivers and was almost always on time.

Last week, Sanchez completed just 51.9 percent of his attempts and threw for 283 yards, most of which came when the game was out of reach due to stagnant offensive play early in the game.

If you didn't see either game, Chaz Schilens pretty much summed it up and essentially gave the formula to completely dismantling the Jets' already struggling passing game.

"The team (Patriots) we played last week barely blitzed at all," Schilens said, according to "New England plays what they're going to play and they stay back in zone coverage. Miami had about 20 or 30 different blitzes coming from everywhere. That's a lot to pick up.

"It's a lot for the line and everyone, the backs and the tight ends to adjust to."

Miami stuffed the run early and was able to pin back its ears in attacking Sanchez, sacking him four times. The Jets' offense looked totally lost against an extremely aggressive Dolphins defense.

New England should take a hint when it faces New York in a few weeks and turn one or two extra front-seven players loose on passing downs. The Patriots did take Sanchez down four times, as well, but they hardly disrupted him on the other passing plays, while Miami was all over him on nearly every passing play that mattered.

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