Monday, November 5, 2012

Williams can't even pretend his heart is in Buffalo


When Buffalo Bills "star" defensive end Mario Williams came out of the tunnel in Houston Sunday to face his former employer the Texans, he almost forgot which team he was on.

No, really.

"You run out and you almost forget you’re on the other team because I been here for so long," Williams told reporters after the Bills lost to the Texans.


It's not uncommon for players to have mixed feelings when returning to their ex-home field to face a former team, but Williams has sort of taken it to the next level. (photo: Matt Britt, Flickr)

Sure, he's been asked repeated questions about leaving Houston for Buffalo, but there are ways to answer them without slighting fans of a city and an organization that spent $100 million and three days of wining and dining to get you to sign.

In the week leading up to the game, Williams sounded bitter in talking about how Houston never offered him a new deal, adding that he never wanted to leave. Then, after the game, he dropped the "forgot you're on the other team" bomb.

Think it, but don't say it.

Williams went on to make it sound as if his first priority Sunday was to get a sack on Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.

“I had to at least get one," Williams said. "I couldn’t come in here and not. I had to somehow, some way get one."

Well, at least he got what he was looking for. That tiny speck of revenge. Oh, and he said he wanted to win the game, too.

He also said "the most important thing" for him to know of the Texans' fans was that he was still in their hearts.

“Oh yeah. I think the biggest thing for me is if you go out and make a play and you get booed, I know I’m in your heart," he said. "That’s the most important thing. If it had been quiet then I would have felt something different but I know you’re thinking about me.”

Williams was brought into Buffalo to bolster the pass rush. The Bills paid him more money than any other team has paid any other defensive player in the history of the league to do so.

Through nine weeks, 27 players have more sacks than Williams.

But at least he sacked Schaub.

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