Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rex sticking with Sanchez shouldn't surprise anyone


The New York Jets will continue to start quarterback Mark Sanchez for a least one more game. Color a lot of people surprised, but not us.

Jets coach Rex Ryan pulled the plug on Sanchez last week following a three-interception first half, replacing him with Greg McElroy, who threw a 1-yard touchdown pass in the win.

Ryan then said Monday that he needed a little more time to decide whether he would give McElroy the start in Jacksonville next week or go back to Sanchez. Heck, even Tim Tebow was in the mix (yeah, right).

I wrote Monday that I thought Rex would stick with his golden boy Sanchez despite "reports" of "sources" saying the team was leaning toward McElroy. We'll call it the Blind Squirrel Theory. (photo: Marianne O'Leary, Flickr)

The move makes sense. Last week was the first time Sanchez has been pulled in his and Rex's three and a half-years with the Jets. So you put him back out there and see how he responds. If he struggles against the Jaguars, then that's the last straw.

The fact is, Sanchez is the best option for a team that is still chasing a Wildcard berth with the tiniest of hope. Once or when the Jets are out of playoff contention, which could be by Week 15, you can go with the "let's see what we have with..." approach to McElroy, but this is certainly not the time.

Add in Sanchez's big contract extension before the season and his playoff experience as a starter, and there was way too much there to not justify giving him another shot. You don't need "scoop" to understand that.

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