Friday, December 7, 2012

Some Dolphins 'disrespected' by Pats' run success


No offense angers its past opponents quite like the New England Patriots'.

Last Sunday, the Patriots were beating the Miami Dolphins by a touchdown midway through the fourth quarter. With just over eight minutes to go, the Patriots started a 16-play drive that ate more than seven minutes. During the drive, the Patriots ran the ball 13 times, with 10 carries going to Stevan Ridley and six over the left guard.

New England put the game away with a field goal to cap off the impressive 77-yard drive. But not everyone on the field was impressed. (photo: Jack Newton, Flickr)

“It was disrespectful to us to run the same play over and over and be successful," Dolphins defensive lineman Tony McDaniel told Brian Biggane of the Palm Beach Post.


“Normally when somebody’s driving down the field you just think, ‘Well, they just had a good run there,’ but you run the same play over and over, as a competitor that (ticks) me off," McDaniel said.

Teammate Randy Starks agreed with McDaniel... and New England.

“It is disrespectful,” the defensive lineman said. “but you’ve got to stop it. We never stopped it, so I’d keep running the same play, too.”

The ridiculous comments were somewhat buried in the Palm Beach Post's story Thursday night, but CBS Boston did a nice job Friday of bringing them to the forefront.

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