Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jets, bashed for being vocal, now bashed for silence


The national and New York media want it both ways. They're not getting it from the "clown car," so they're kicking and screaming in their car seats.

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan and owner Woody Johnson have been highly criticized over the past four years for being too visible and talking too much, being referred to as "blowhards" and "attention-you-know-whats," despite the fact that the media has flourished because of the Jets' transparency.

But three days after Johnson fired general manager Mike Tannenbaum and announced he'd keep Ryan, the pair have yet to speak with the media. Now, the media are accusing them of hiding and not being accountable.

Pretty funny.

The Jets are in a pretty critical transition period, seeking out a new GM while trying to maintain some sort of stability until they do so. But because the vultures aren't getting the priceless sound-bites they've been fortunate enough to get to begin with, they're whining.

The fact is, Woody and Ryan know that because of the way every word that comes out of their mouths gets overblown, overanalyzed and twisted, they'd be better off containing the whirlwind while trying to work out their next personnel decider.

For once, that's not the sexy answer. But maybe, for once, the Jets are smartening up.

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