Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reed cuts his hoodie sleeves because of Belichick


If you see Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed walking around donning a hoodie with cut off sleeves, it's OK to call him a Bill Belichick poser.

"He's the first guy I saw like, 'That's cool.' You know, that's cool," Reed told's Jamison Hensley. "He cuts those sweater sleeves, and he'll be comfortable. So there's a reason why. Most people will tell you around the facility that's how I look. It's just a blessing to even have met, to know Coach Belichick."

OK, then. (photo: Keith Allison, Flickr)

Reed, who is slated to hit free agency in March, made it very clear that he'd be more than willing to post up in Foxborough next season if Belichick & Co. would have him.

"Yeah, oh yeah, man, I could definitely play for Coach Belichick," Reed said. "He is a great coach. I'm sure he can help me to expand my football knowledge even more as a player and as a coach, so if I'm ever able to be around him, just like I was at the Pro Bowl, it's huge."

Reed is the classic Patriot: A former elite player who wants to finish his career with a winning organization (not that Baltimore isn't) and would come relatively cheap because of his age and declining ability. Guys like that tend to fit into Belichick's system like a glove.

We'll see. First things first, Reed has to try and win a Super Bowl Sunday.

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