Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bills announce details of renovations at Ralph Wilson


Since the Buffalo Bills agreed to a new lease agreement with the state and county back in December, fans haven’t been crazy about the idea of Band-Aiding Ralph Wilson Stadium back to vitality.

Perhaps action, and some pictures, will speak louder than words. (photo: Eammon, Flickr)

The organization officially announced Populous as its selection for the $130 million renovation project that is slated to take place over the next three years, according to The architecture firm is well known around the world for its work on various stadium designs and renovations, having worked with 30 other NFL teams in the past.

Its designs have been cutting edge at times, and its resume speaks for itself (Don’t let the creepy ’80's photo of the founders deter you from the slideshow).

The company announced the deal through Senior Principal Scott Radecic, who has some ties to Buffalo himself. Radecic started 24 games for the team in the late ’80s at linebacker, and he said that the work his firm will do is aimed at improving the game day experience.

“The proposed changes will significantly enhance the fan experience and bring new energy into the historic building,” Redecic said. “The renovations will include the addition of quality amenities and improved technology that will ensure that Buffalo Bills’ fans have a memorable experience each and every game day.”

The changes seem pretty standard: new video screens, bigger and better concessions and bathrooms, a new team store; you know, all those standard things in other stadiums. At this point, at least fans can take solace that the team has hired a top-tier firm to make the alterations. While restorations aren’t anything like a new stadium, hey, it’s something. And with the condition that the Ralph is in compared to other stadiums, something is certainly better than nothing.

According to the team’s site, a small amount of the renovations are currently underway and will be done by the start of next season. The bulk of the facelift will take place between the 2013 and 2014 seasons. Here’s a look at what’s in store.

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