Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dig Stage: Ihedigbo gets yet another shot at ring


James Ihedigbo isn't a star player, but he's plenty used to the big stage.

The former New York Jets and New England Patriots defensive back and special teamer, now with the Baltimore Ravens, will be playing in his second straight Super Bowl Sunday. (photo:

Ihedigbo was a Patriot last season when New England lost to the New York Giants in the final game. He was also with the New York Jets the two seasons prior, participating in the AFC Championship game both seasons. Gang Green lost to the Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

While probably playing in more big games than anyone else the last four years, Ihedigbo has yet to take home a ring for winning the biggest one. His biggest fan, his mom, thinks that will change Sunday.

"Win or lose, I encourage him, but we're going to win the Super Bowl," Rose Ihedigbo told the Washington Examiner in an interview about her emigration to the United States from Nigeria.

While getting there is nice, Ihedigbo says the Ravens "look at it as we haven't done anything yet.

“Only thing that matters is the game come Sunday and that’s what we’re preparing for. Yeah, we’ve had some success but that’s not defining our season. What defines our season is being Super Bowl Champs.”

If Baltimore falls to the San Francisco 49ers Sunday, though, Ihedigbo will take a step closer to becoming a one-man equivalent of the early '90s Buffalo Bills.

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