Saturday, February 2, 2013

For a change, Johnson 'actually going to work out'


Stevie Johnson will break new ground this offseason. He'll act like an NFL football player.

The Buffalo Bills' No. 1 receiver, speaking on The Jim Rome Show Friday, admitted that he never followed the team's recommended offseason workout program the past four years, instead opting to shelve it and "just, like, play basketball and run around the block."

"I probably shouldn't be saying this," Johnson told Rome, via Buffalo Rumblings. "Yeah, they give us the booklet and stuff, but I get it and I put it in a drawer. I really don't do it." (photo: Matt Britt, Flickr)

Good news for the Bills, though. Johnson said he's "actually going to work out" this time.

"This year we've got a new staff, and you know, I've had three seasons with a thousand yards, and that's like without doing, like, real football work," Johnson said. "So you know, who knows what happens if I really put in work? Maybe I can eclipse a thousand and go into twelve hundred, you know, maybe thirteen.

"Maybe I'll be even more energized to finish out games, and we'll get things done, you know. So I'm going to be working hard from next Sunday to April 1st when we go back."

I'm not sure there's another market in the entire NFL where these comments, light-hearted or not, wouldn't get shredded to pieces by anyone and everyone. Yet another reason Johnson is a good fit in Buffalo.

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