Monday, February 4, 2013

Jets tailbacks to be targeted more under Mornhinweg


Many factors contributed to New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez's low completion percentage last season, including but not limited to: hesitation on throws, lack of chemistry with an ever-changing receiving corps, bad decision-making and inaccuracy.

The general lack of a good dump-off/screen option out of the backfield didn't help, either. That was just as much, if not more, a result of the system than it was the personnel. (photo: Brook Ward, Flickr)

At the very least, the latter factor will change under new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, no matter who is calling signals in 2013.

Over the past four years, Philadelphia Eagles starting tailback LeSean McCoy was targeted 4.9 times a game in Mornhinweg's offense.

Meanwhile, with Tony Sparano calling the shots for Gang Green's offense last year, running backs were hardly ever included in the passing game.

Starting running back Shonn Greene was targeted less than two times a game in 16 appearances. Joe McKnight, the team's most explosive tailback, was targeted a whopping two times total (not per game... total) in 15 games, and Bilal Powell, who saw a lot of time on passing downs, was targeted 2.5 times a game in 14 showings.

In Sanchez's two best seasons -- 2010 and 2011 -- LaDainian Tomlinson saw more than seven passes a game come his way. If he is the starter in 2013, which is very possible, he'll be using his offensive backfield as a passing outlet much more than he did in 2012.

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