Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mayock talks West Coast-friendly QBs in draft


The New York Jets and Buffalo Bills each brought in a new offensive coordinator this offseason, and with him, a scheme of the West Coast variety. (photo: NeonTommy, Flickr)

The first step in that offensive transition will be bringing in some competition at the quarterback position, as New York’s Mark Sanchez and Buffalo’s Ryan Fitzpatrick each had dreadful seasons in their own right.

According to NFL draft analyst Mike Mayock, finding a college prospect from this year's draft to fit the scheme shouldn’t be too tough.

Mayock was asked Monday about which quarterbacks in this year’s draft would be good fits in a West Coast offense, and he threw out a number of names that both the Jets and the Bills will certainly be watching in the upcoming weeks.

“I think Matt Barkley makes a lot of sense,” Mayock said via buffalobills.com. ”He’s a guy as a junior at USC looked so much different than he did this year. I think to be fair to him you have to go back and watch junior tape.

“So I think Barkley fits. I think Ryan Nassib fits. I think Landry Jones and Tyler Wilson both can fit. So of those, that group of guys of the top seven, eight quarterbacks, I think those are the guys that did it most efficiently.”

Both teams have top-ten picks in this year’s draft and are in position to take a signal-caller if they so choose, though the relatively weak class at the position could provide some value in the second round or a trade to the back of the first.

Barkley’s situation is panning out to be the most intriguing going forward, as the USC product opted out of the Senior Bowl and won't throw at the Combine due to recovering from an injury but is still touted in some circles as the strongest in the class.

The free agent market is littered with unemployed quarterbacks, however, and both teams may opt to seek some West Coast know-how outside of the draft to fill the roster.

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