Monday, February 25, 2013

Not so fast on possible Jennings-Philbin reunion


Wide receiver and free agent-to-be Greg Jennings seems like a logical fit for the Miami Dolphins, who have made no secret about their desire to bring in some new weapons on offense this offseason.

After all, Jennings already seems open to landing with the Dolphins, and Miami head coach Joe Philbin was his offensive coordinator for five seasons in Green Bay.

But Philbin may not be as interested in a reunion. (photo:

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Bob McGinn, Philbin 'is not a fan' of Jennings as a football player. It has also been recently reported that the Packers may be interested in re-signing or placing the franchise tag on the seven-year veteran.

Jennings was highly productive in Philbin's offensive system, leading Green Bay in receiving yards in three consecutive seasons from 2008-10.

The Dolphins have also expressed a high interest in fellow free agent wideout Mike Wallace, and reportedly look to make him their top target when the free agency period starts March 12.

The situation seems, on the surface, very similar to a year ago when the quarterback-desperate Dolphins appeared poised to sign former Packers signal-caller Matt Flynn. But Philbin was never as high on Flynn as many assumed, and the Dolphins made only a modest offer.

It's certainly worth mentioning that in this part of the offseason, many reports are intentionally planted by teams to further their agendas. It's possible that this, and Miami's explicit interest in Wallace, are intentional smokescreens put out by the team.

It won't be until negotiations start that we will see exactly what Miami has planned.

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