Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Suggs: Hatred for Patriots a league-wide consensus


When you’ve won three Super bowls since 2000 and nine division titles in the last 10 years, you’re bound make some enemies in the NFL.

According to Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, however, the reason the New England Patriots are the most hated team in the league is much deeper than that.  (photo: Phil Romans, Flickr)

Suggs was a guest on 93.7 WEEI’s The Big Show on Wednesday, where he elaborated on some of the comments that were made after Baltimore’s victory over the Pats in the AFC Championship game. Even more interesting was the fact that he “guarantees the other 31 teams hate the New England Patriots,” and that even former New England players have had negative things to say about the organization.

“The NFL is not very big,” Suggs said, via D.J. Bean of WEEI’s website. “You think we don’t talk to guys that have played for the New England Patriots, that have been on the New England Patriots that have been like, ‘Oh, it’s been like this.’

“It ain’t just me. Why did Bart Scott say the same thing? You think it’s just us? You think it’s just got something to do with us? No. This is because we have inside information. We know.”

Suggs didn’t reveal his “Deep Throat,” and the fact that more hasn’t surfaced about what goes on behind closed doors with the Patriots isn’t surprising. Bill Belichick and the New England coaching staff have run a pretty tight ship during his tenure, and what happens away from the public typically stays in the family.

Suggs did mention the “Brady Rule” for low hits on quarterbacks as one example for his distain toward the team, and he’s brought up the Spygate scandal and the infamous “Tuck Rule” as other examples in the past. He’s called out the team for its air of arrogance over the years, and Belichick’s never-quit style of coaching and stoic demeanor probably doesn’t help the matter.

Suggs was hesitant to call the Ravens-Pats matchup a rivalry situation, but he was sure to note that his issue with the team isn't just skin deep.

“Do I apologize for what I said? No. Do I mean what I said? Yeah,” Suggs said. “Could I have worded it a little better? Probably, but the fact of the matter is you can’t really consider it a rivalry because you have a few more championships than we do, but this has been steaming for a while.”

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