Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nelson convinced knee injury sealed fate with Bills


The Buffalo Bills are in major transition, and they didn't feel receiver David Nelson fit into their plans.

Nelson doesn't think it's because of the system.

The three-year wideout is coming off a knee injury he acquired in Week 1 of the Bills' 2012 campaign that saw him miss the entire season. Buffalo opted not to tender the impending free agent, which he was informed of at the end of February. (photo: Matt Britt, Flickr)

"It's tough for me because I feel in my heart -- and this is just me -- the only reason it's happening is because of the injury," Nelson told Tim Graham of The Buffalo News.

"I feel if I was able to play last year, things would be different 100 percent. For me that's the reason why; they're not sure if I'll be the same player I've been."

Nelson, who was a go-to target of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2011, says he's running routes a month before his rehab schedule initially planned him to.

He's understandably upset about having to part with the team that gave him his first shot as an underrated free agent in 2010, but he's rigorously preparing for what the free market could bring.

"There will be a demand for proven receivers on the first few days of free agency," Nelson said. "It probably will be a lengthy process for me."

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