Monday, March 25, 2013

Patriots' deal with Vollmer is of the low-risk variety


Sebastian Vollmer spent two weeks on the free agent market before returning home to Foxborough.

But the New England Patriots, who re-signed Vollmer to a four-year deal Monday, aren't taking him back without conditions. (photo: Jack Newton, Flickr)

According to Mark Garafolo of USA Today, Vollmer can make as much as $27 million under the new contract. However, $9 million is reportedly incentive and playing time-based, and another $1 million is reserved for a Pro Bowl nod.

Pro Football Talk reported that $8.25 million is guaranteed, so Vollmer is still promised a fair share of cash, but he'll have to prove he can stay healthy and productive in order to max out.

The now fifth-year veteran missed one game last season and had knee surgery in February. Pro Football Focus had him graded as the 13th-best offensive tackle in 2012.

There wasn't much buzz surrounding Vollmer throughout his stint on the free market despite him being one of the top offensive linemen available.

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