Thursday, April 4, 2013

Madden cover vote wiped clean of AFC East-ers


Round 3 of the EA Sports Madden 25 cover vote was not kind to the two remaining AFC East stars, as both Dan Marino and and Rob Gronkowski were ousted in their respective brackets.

Marino, the lone “Old-Schooler” left representing the division, fell to No. 1 seed and legend Joe Montana. The former Dolphins great received only 30 percent of the vote after defeating Marshall Faulk in Round 2.

Gronkowski’s demise came at the hands of the league’s No. 1 running back and No. 2 seed Adrian Peterson. After taking out fellow divisional star Darrelle Revis in Round 2, Gronk received less than 20 percent of the vote in Round 3.

The tight end’s defeat has cleared the way for a classic matchup of two juggernauts in the quarterfinals of the “New School” category, as Peterson will face off against No. 1 seed Robert Griffin III. Seeds three and four will face off in the New School’s other quarterfinal vote, as No. 3 Russell Wilson will go against No. 4 Arian Foster.

No. 3 seed Barry Sanders will try to end Montana’s run on the Old School side in the quarterfinals, with top seed Jerry Rice going against No. 3 seed Deion Sanders.

Quarterfinal voting started Wednesday and runs until April 10.

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