Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Belichick no longer America's highest-paid coach


Well, it was a good run.

For the last two years, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick had been the highest-paid coach in America. But according to Forbes, Belichick is now runner-up to New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton.

Payton is salaried at $8 million, while Belichick is reportedly slated to make $7.5 million a year -- the same as Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. (photo: Steve Glass, Flickr)

Belichick took the top spot in 2011 after then-Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson retired.

“Belichick is arguably the NFL’s best tactician," Forbes wrote, via WEEI, "evidenced by the fact that the Patriots have won 72.6% of their games and made five trips to the Super Bowl since he took over in 2000."

At least Belichick can take solace in the fact that he probably has the most job security of all the others atop the list.

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