Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Divisional games to be broadcast via ESPN Radio


ESPN Radio is transitioning into NFL coverage, and AFC East teams are cashing in on the opportunity. (photo: Dave Rezendes, Flickr)

According to ESPN.com, three of four teams from the division have signed multi-year deals to allow out-of-market games to be broadcast on the national sports radio station for the first time ever.

Sorry Bills fans, but only the Patriots, Jets and Dolphins have reportedly signed deals, as well as the Giants and Steelers.

Along with being strictly out-of-market matchups, the deal looks to be specific to afternoon games, which nixes five regular season games for the Pats, two for Gang Green and three for the Fins.

The deal also includes some familiar divisional voices on the microphone. Former Bills general manager Bill Polian, former Jets coach Herm Edwards and former Jets/Pats standout Damien Woody have reportedly signed on as analysts, with the others to be determined.

ESPN stated that the complete schedule of games to be aired has yet to be announced but is forthcoming. And don't worry, all local stations will continue to broadcast the games.

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