Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Holmes 'loves' Rex, says Sanchez is Jets' 'leader'


Santonio Holmes isn't necessarily known as the biggest "team guy" in the NFL, but Wednesday, he paid his respects to the two most front-and-center figures of his New York Jets. (photo: Marianne O'Leary, Flickr)

Before telling Pro Football Talk that he "loves" coach Rex Ryan, Holmes said that Mark Sanchez is still the team's assumed starting quarterback.

“I love this guy and his attitude and beliefs about winning ball games and what it takes and bringing the right people around,” Holmes said of Ryan.

Holmes added that Ryan is "building the team the way he wants it built" thanks to the blessings of his owner.

"Woody Johnson gave him an opportunity to be himself and I think select his own group of guys and being in a position he wants to be in, I think its all working out for the best for him," he said.

Things were working out for Ryan, who went 9-7 and 11-5, respectively, in his first two seasons as Gang Green's head coach en route to a pair of AFC Championship berths thanks to four road playoff wins.

However, Ryan's fortunes turned the last two seasons as the team went a combined 14-18 and missed the postseason both times. 2011 was capped off by an on-field meltdown by Holmes, and last year was capped off by a multi-month mental collapse by Holmes's quarterback. Holmes, however still considers Sanchez "the team leader" and the starter calling signals.

“... and that’s who we’re going with and we’re going to continue this road until time permits,” Holmes said.

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