Thursday, May 9, 2013

Goodell says NFL 'wants Dolphins to stay in Miami'


After the Miami Dolphins' push for publicly-funded stadium renovations died last week, speculation has run rampant that the franchise may now consider a move out of South Florida.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has never explicitly said that moving the team was on the table, but relocation is often the leverage a team will use to convince a city to subsidize a new or upgraded stadium. (photo: West Point Public Affairs, Flickr)

Teams have acted on it in the past, and the stadium bill's failure has brought up that fear to the Dolphins' fanbase.

Thursday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell clarified where the league stands on the issue.

"We do want to see the Dolphins stay in Miami," Goodell told's Steve Wyche. "We want to see them stay in a facility that will allow them to compete, and to bring in other big events, including Super Bowls."

From Goodell's perspective, the greatest value of the Dolphins stadium deal was to provide an adequate venue to host Super Bowls in the Miami area. It's in his interest, as well as the interest of the South Florida economy, that Super Bowls continue to be played in Sun Life Stadium.

And it's something the NFL is still committed to getting done.

"We will stay involved, we will do whatever is necessary because we do think it's right for all of Florida," Goodell added. "It will help attract bigger events, and that will have a real economic impact on the community."

If the team and league fail in convincing the Florida people and lawmakers to fund a stadium project, it will be a very real possibility that the Dolphins move out of Miami down the road.

The more immediate impact is of course the lost Super Bowls for the region. With the lack of an upgraded stadium hanging over their heads, the South Florida Super Bowl committee presented it's bid for Super Bowl L and LI on Thursday, according to the Miami Herald.

A bid that now looks so bleak, even its presenter referred to it in the past tense.

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