Friday, May 31, 2013

'Unrelated' tag not a positive with Gronk injuries


Earlier this week, Rob Gronkowski's camp confirmed that the fourth-year New England Patriots tight end will need yet another surgery -- his fifth since November, sixth in 16 weeks and seventh since his senior year of college.

And in vintage Gronk fashion, the newest injury and operation is "unrelated" to another. (photo: WBUR, Flickr)

Gronkowski will undergo back surgery for "preventative maintenance" purposes, according to his agent, Drew Rosenhaus. And although Gronk battled back issues that had him miss all of 2009 during his time at Arizona State, Rosenhaus says the two aren't connected.

“This is a new injury and it’s minor, it’s not as significant [as the prior back injury],” Rosenhaus said Thursday, via “... It’s something that, although he needs it, he’s had it for a while and he’s been able to function.”

Less than a year after having his ankle operated on, Gronkowski broke his forearm in 2012 and required surgery. Then he broke it again, but in a different place, making it "unrelated" to the original injury. When having the second forearm injury operated on, an infection was discovered, which required more maintenance but was also "unrelated" in nature.

Now, Gronkowski is having work done on his back -- the same part of his body that ended the final season of his college career before it started and required surgery -- but Rosenhaus insists the two are "unrelated."

Typically, saying a particular injury is "unrelated" to a prior injury is a positive because it means the prior recovery was a success and the next once should follow suit. But when you have this many injuries that supposedly have nothing to do with one another, all you're doing is piling on the evidence that you're injury prone.

Gronkowski is by far the best tight end in the NFL when he's active. Unfortunately, he's having a hard time staying on the field, and he's trending downward in that regard.

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