Monday, June 3, 2013

Kelly 'confident in road to recovery' from cancer


Jim Kelly's football career was as serious as it gets, as the former Buffalo Bills quarterback played his way to four Super Bowl berths en route to the Hall of Fame.

But Kelly now faces a much more serious task off the field. (photo: Staff Sgt. Corenthia Fennell, Wikimedia Commons)

Kelly announced through the team Monday that he has been diagnosed with cancer in his upper jaw. He'll begin surgery June 7 and has been told the "prognosis for my recovery is very good."

"With the excellent medical care that I will be receiving and the loving care of my wife Jill and my daughters Erin and Camryn and the support of my entire family and friends, I am extremely confident in my road to recovery," Kelly said. "I plan to tackle this challenge head on, as we Kelly’s always do, with toughness, perseverance and faith."

We wish Kelly and his family the best and are certain they recognize the massive support system they have in Bills Mafia, the football world and beyond.

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